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Seven years after forming, Leeds-based death metallers COGNIZANCE are limbering up for the release of their debut album. Far from taking it easy, they’ve spent the time notching up no less than four EPs and three singles, featuring guest appearances from a broad selection of 18 musicians, well established within the genre. Things have most definitely not been quiet in the COGNIZANCE camp. Freshly signed to Prosthetic Records, COGNIZANCE have just put the finishing touches to their first full length release, ​Malignant Dominion.

Spread over two countries, the unconventional quartet have settled into a steady line up and revelled in a period rich with creativity. Undoubtedly COGNIZANCE share some of the same DNA of iconic death metal bands that have gone before them, and whilst their technical abilities add a more than impressive flourish they operate on a ‘don’t overcomplicate for the sake of overcomplicating’ rule. Keeping theatrics to a minimum has yielded a lean, progressive, European extreme metal album that embodies the blueprint of old school death metal and embraces both melody and groove. A look at the lyric sheet offers blood-soaked echoes of those same pioneers of the genre, but rather than existing in a gore-laden fantasy world, COGNIZANCE find true horror in the everyday.

Rooted very much in the real world, an abundance of anatomically precise material has found its way into their lyrical cannon, as well as a healthy dose of philosophical reflection. The juxtaposition of modern life and living rubbing against the eternal, pure spirit of nature gives pause to think about the concepts of entropy and decay. Having always invited collaboration, ​Malignant Dominion ​ continues the tradition with guest spots reserved for the likes of Job For A Cowboy’s Jonny Davy, Extol’s Ole Børud, and members/ex-members of Aborted and The Faceless. The self-recorded album was mixed by Audio Hammer’s Jason Suecof (Deicide, The Black Dahlia Murder, Death Angel), who also found time to lay down a solo on ​Ether of the Void .