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Depths of Hatred first burst upon the Montreal scene with the 2012 album, Aversionist, released on Canadian artist-breaking, Galy Records. They toured with Beneath The Massacre, Blind Witness, and more and in 2014, self-released Hellborn, which showcased a more technical, more developed sound. They followed that up with a single in 2016 and hit the road again with Aegaeon, Alterbeast, Virvum, Vale of Pnath and more. The band delivers a ruthless sound that keeps their listeners on the edge of their seats. They blend vicious, ferocious vocals, aggressive guitar riffs, and fast, relentless style drumming to result in a sound that some would call unforgiving.

: Vocals
Martin Trottier: Guitar
Felix Demers: Guitar
Karl Desjardins: Drums
Antoine Millette: Bass