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There have been many bands that have pushed the boundaries of extreme metal. When breaking down walls, the results are usually always evident. New England based black metal act, Infera Bruo do so at a much more subtle, much less obvious way. Featuring members of Trap Them, Cul de Sac, and Pillory, the quartet takes discordant riffs, blast beat drums and moving harmonies and takes the listener on a journey who doesn’t realize his or her whereabouts until after the album is over. Infera Bruo isn’t progressive for the sake of being progressive, they just do what comes natural. Cerement, the band’s third full length LP is a testament to that. Vocalist and guitarist, Galen Baudhuin elaborates, “On Cerementwe aimed to streamline our sound and get to the root of a primordial blackened energy while still following our experimental instincts”

The album wasproduced by Baudhuin and mastered by Brad Boatright. It contains 8 tracks of at times, warm and lush, while at others, harsh and cold, black metal. Acoustic guitars interplay with jarring electrics. While all of this in of itself would create a black metal masterpiece, what sets the band well above their peers are the beguiling riffs found throughout the album. If Voivod were to have grown up listening to Emperor, one could say they would sound very similar to Infera Bruo.

Formed in 2009 by members of the Boston and New England metal scene, Infera Bruo sought to create original and intense blackened metal with a wide array of influences drawn from the diverse backgrounds of each musician. The band released a self-titled album in 2011 followed by Desolate Unknown in 2013. In Conjuration was released in 2015 through Bindrune Recordings, and was described by No Clean Singing as “a very dark and unsettling beast, with an affinity for tension-ratcheting intensity that rarely reaches the breaking point.” They’ve toured and played with Abbath, Falls of Rauros, Solstafir, Juniusand appeared on the 2017 edition of the Shadow Woods Metal Fest alongside, Panopticon, Woe and many more.

Infera Bruo is:

GALEN - Guitars, Lead Vocals
ARDROTH - Drums, Vocals
GERMANICUS - Synthesizers, Effects
NEUTRINO - Bass, Vocals



Oct 16, 2020

INFERA BRUO's new album, Rites Of The Nameless, is out now

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