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In the two years since their last full length outing, Let There Be Nothing, JUDICATOR have returned from collective and personal turmoil brought on by both the Covid-19 pandemic and foundational lineup changes. The US power metal group are now primed and proud to release their triumphant sixth studio album, The Majesty of Decay, via Prosthetic Records. Refreshed and revitalized, JUDICATOR are eager to let this beastly album out of the gate and into your stereos.

As with past releases, The Majesty of Decay is a concept album. But while most JUDICATOR albums have been based on history, this one takes an entirely different direction. The album’s story connects with At the Expense of Humanity, the band’s third album, which recounts singer John Yelland’s experiences watching his older brother die after a long, drawn out battle with cancer.

Whilst the album’s story remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, JUDICATOR utilizes compelling plot devices as a means to encourage fans to piece together the album’s meta-contextual threads. What we do know, however, is that The Majesty of Decay explores the subjects of love, family, and the transformation of suffering into something meaningful. JUDICATOR invites you to step into this world and contemplate how the story might relate to you. The album is a carefully constructed puzzle of mirrors and metaphor that cries out for Judicator fans everywhere to solve it.

The serendipitous origins of the band have bound them together through time zones, seasons, and multiple lineup changes. Founding members John Yelland and Alicia Cordisco met in 2010 at a Blind Guardian concert and immediately hit it off. The two soon became three as they recruited drummer Jordan Elcess to the band. JUDICATOR would go on to produce five albums in eight years before bringing guitarist Balmore Lemus (Novareign) and bassist John Dolan (Anubis) on board. In 2020, Cordisco exited the band, leaving Yelland in the captain’s chair.

What began as a humble homage to their favorite band quickly grew into something that had fans begging for more, and JUDICATOR was happy to oblige. The band went on to produce a catalog of music that spans multiple subgenres and breaks conceptual boundaries. With this latest offering, The Majesty of Decay, JUDICATOR have delivered yet another thought provoking album that fits nicely into their discography.

With members spread across the United States, recording for The Majesty of Decay was certainly unique. Drums were engineered and recorded by Alex Bosson (Helion Prime, Lunar, Planeswalker). Brass was engineered and recorded by Michael Sasich at Man vs. Music. The album was edited by Will Salazar at Revenant Sound Studios. Reamping and mixing was completed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio Production. Mastering and sequencing was completed by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio. In addition, the album features Angel Chatzitheodorou (Angel Wolf-Black, ex-Bare Infinity), whose elegant, powerful voice soars through much of the song "Judgment." The beautiful, eerie artwork by Marc Whisnant completes the package.

The ten tracks that comprise The Majesty of Decay are haunting, progressive, and command attention through their adventurous, emotionally cathartic storytelling and pervasive, dynamic atmosphere.

The Majesty of Decay will be released via Prosthetic Records on November 22 and available for pre-order on September 2.


John Yelland - Vocals

Balmore Lemus - Guitars

John Dolan - Bass Guitar

Jordan Elcess - Drums



Nov 23, 2022

JUDICATOR are today premiering their new album, The Majesty of Decay, in full via Distorted Sound. The Majesty of Decay is the US power metal band’s sixth studio album and is set for release this Friday (November 25) via Prosthetic Records. In celebration of the album release, JUDICATOR will also be appearing at Gimme Metal for a special guest DJ slot on Wednesday, November 30 - more details below.

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