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Prosthetic Records are delighted to announce the signing of the Atlanta, Georgia based progressive black metal band TÓMARÚM. Coinciding with the news of their signing, the duo has shared details of their debut full-length - Ash in Realms of Stone Icons - set to be released via Prosthetic on May 6. The lead single from TÓMARÚM’s upcoming album, In This Empty Space, is available now on all streaming platforms. A visualizer for In This Empty Space is premiering now via Invisible Oranges.

Listen to In This Empty Space via Apple Music | Tidal | Spotify | Bandcamp.

Ash in Realms of Stone Icons is available to pre-order here.

Speaking on signing with Prosthetic, the band comment: “We are incredibly thrilled to announce our signing to Prosthetic Records. Being a part of a roster that has housed legends like Gojira and Lamb of God, as well as currently housing incredible modern acts like Psycroptic, Dawn Ray’d and Schammasch, is humbling to say the
least. Our debut full-length, Ash in Realms of Stone Icons, is finally ready after lineup changes, countless delays, and almost five years of obsessive work, and to have it released by a label who truly understands our vision and believes in the potential of the band is an incredible feeling. The team has been so great to work with, and we
cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us in the years to come!”

On the release of In This Empty Space, Kyle Walburn (guitars, vocals, programming) adds:

"In This Empty Space was the second song written for the band, and it's one of our favorites on the album. It is one of the more straightforward, intense tracks on the album and we picked it as the first single because it gives a good idea of what to expect from the record without giving away too much of what’s in store. The song was written during one of my lowest points mentally and bringing it to life has been greatly cathartic. We hope those who choose to listen experience a similar feeling.”

Formed in 2017, TÓMARÚM - which translates from Icelandic to “empty space" - cover topics such as depression, anxiety, loss, and worthlessness over songs inspired equally by atmospheric black metal and technical death metal. The band’s 2020 debut EP, Wounds Ever Expanding, quickly generated an online buzz and garnered praise for its effective fusion of atmospheric black metal and technical death metal - after which Kyle Walburn and Brandon Iacovella (guitars, vocals, contrabass) set to work on Ash in Realms of Stone Icons.

The seven tracks on Ash in Realms of Stone Icons feature session bass from Arran McSporran of VIRVUM, session drums from Spencer Moore of INFERI, and a beautiful cover painted by Mariusz Lewandowski, and display TÓMARÚM at their sharpest and most vulnerable to date with Ash in Realms of Stone Icons being the ultimate declaration of intent from a band with their sights set on breaking barriers.

Written in order of its tracklist, ​​Ash in Realms of Stone Icons is intended to offer a cohesive listening experience that has a definitive exposition, climax and end. Across the hour long runtime TÓMARÚM’s core partnership of Walburn and Iacovella consolidate achingly mournful atmospherics with devastating speed and technical ability as a means of profound artistic catharsis. Nowhere better is this exemplified than the towering album closer, Awake Into Eternal Slumber, which stands at a little over 15 minutes and seamlessly takes all that TÓMARÚM has built before it and triumphantly conveys the essence of the young band.